Sam silicone pigments

Sam silicone pigments

How to Paint Silicone Rubber for a Matte or Gloss Finish

This is an archived page on sculpt. To visit our current website, click here. For current products or to place an order, please visit our online store shop. Read what people are saying about SAM pigments Colors are given as a general guideline. Due to the different variety of computer monitors and screen settings, colors may not be exact. The Compleat Sculptor " You supply the talent, we'll supply the rest! Monitors vary greatly in how they display colors.

Although we've done our best to represent our products' colors accurately, what you see on your screen may differ from actual fiber colors.

Although we try to keep the most updated prices on our website, all prices are subject to change. High performance pigments for high definition applications.

Use S. Crisp, clean Primary and Secondary colors that intermix beautifully. Classic Earth colors for sophisticated wood, stone and skin tones.

A palette from which a gazillion colors can be made. This is natural. Quinacridone Magenta. Quinophthalone Yellow. Chromium Oxide Green. Hot Red. Classic sports car red. Great permanence indoors and outdoors.

For vermillion add a hint of Scarlet, for crimson add a hit of Magenta or Cool Red.Easy Mold Putty is a strong, flexible, food-grade mold-making material. It's excellent for picking up small details. Smooth-On Dragon Skin FX-Pro is a soft, stable, high-performance platinum silicone rubber designed for creating makeup appliances and skin effects. It's ideal for adhering silicone appliances temporarily to the skin.

Smooth-On Mold Star 16 Fast is an easy-to-use platinum silicone rubber with a six-minute pot life and minute cure time. Use for casting wax, gypsum, resins, concrete, and other materials. Cures to a soft, tear-resistant, long-lasting rubber. Smooth-On Oomoo has a convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratio, so no scale is necessary. A self-thickening, platinum-cure silcone for making brush-on molds. Apply with a brush or spatula-holds on a vertical surface without sagging.

Quick cures to a soft, flexible rubber with negligible shrinkage. Package of two oz jars. This premium casting rubber may be used to make high quality masks, body parts, and as a skin over polyurethane foams. A product that is noted for its very good consistency, it may be thinned with water if needed. This is a skin-safe, two-component, room temperature cure molding rubber.

SAM OSS Odorless Silicone Fluid /224 ml

Silicone rubber is used most often for casting for polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, masonry, gypsum, and wax. No release agents are needed. Set time: minutes. ArtMolds Liquid Sodium Silicate is a multi-purpose product with a variety of applications.

It can be used as a deflocculant for greenware, seals plaster and concrete surfaces, can solidify and create a sand mold for metal casting, and can provide an instant antique look to surfaces. A translucent, high-strength, medium viscosity rubber, it is the softest and most flexible of ArtMolds molding rubbers.

Curing at room temperature, it provides excellent elongation properties that mimic the elasticity and translucency of skin. Create a variety of makeup special effects with Graftobian Liquid Latex. It's slightly tacky when dry, perfect for adding powder, glitter, and small prosthetics to the skin. Use it prior to applying makeup or creating scars, blisters, wrinkled skin, and more.

Smooth-On Ecoflex is a platinum-catalyzed silicone that is versatile and easy to use. Available in two varieties,and Fast, Ecoflex is suitable for a variety of applications such as cosplay, special effects applications. Smooth-On Reoflex 30 is an easy-to-use urethane rubber that provides outstanding detail down to a fingerprint.Silicone paints are applied on a silicone piece after this has been created.

There are special silicone paints in a variety of colors. You can also create your own paint with a silicone paint base combined with the silicone pigments of your choice. Silicone paints are pigments that are dispersed in a special silicone medium and that can be applied with brush or airbrush on a silicone object. For a good and convincing result they are often applied in layers layering technique.

It is advisable to pre-pigment the receiving piece with a base tone before casting as to enhance the effect of the applied layers of paint. Often additional effects are achieved by adding fibres Form-Flock and fillers.

FFX F-series paint. FFX LY-series paints. FFX M-series paints. Silicone Paint Base. Es wurden keine Produkte gefunden, die Ihren Kriterien entsprechen. Platinum Silicone paints have a natural glossy finish, so if you need to matt down the surface, WS Matting Powder is the way to go. FuseFX WS-Series Matting Powder is a unique blend of water base matting agents designed to eliminate the shine off of silicone painted surfaces, giving it a flat matt finish with little to no sheen.

WS Matting Powder residue washes off clean with a little soap and warm water, dries clean and does not leave a "blue" tint to the surface unlike Cabosil. It is a two component translucent clear platinum-cure silicone that is used to make a base for color pigmenting. It can also be applied by brushing. It is very strong and will stretch and bend with the model without cracking or peeling. Need to temporarily adhere your silicone mask, prosthetic device or other creation to your skin?

They contain a higher concentration of pigments for faster coverage, which is excellent for airbrush work. With a wide range of colors, the F-Series will make painting realistic skin tones and special-FX props more attainable for the novices and more convenient for the pros. The M-Series paints are excellent for creating the most realistic skin tone effects.The artists share a fascination with the human form and with the ability to mimic and distort that form.

At first sight, the sculptures tend to be unsettling or even creepy! Of the artwork featured this page, the sculptures of Australian artist Sam Jinks are the most faithful to the human form. Viewing his sculptures is like looking at living people suspended in time, with all their imperfections— wrinkles and folds of flesh, ribs pressing out against the skin, the line of bumps tracing the path of vertebrae, age spots and other skin discolorations, the webs of lines on the palms and soles—laid bare.

His works celebrate the beauty of the human form despite, or perhaps because of its vulnerability, imperfection and transience. Sometimes he adds additional elements to his sculptures, like the frogs in Babies and Frogs. Why frogs? Before birth, humans live in a liquid environment drawing nutrition and oxygen from the amniotic fluid that envelops them in the womb.

Bio-technology offers the tools to manipulate, mutate and mold the human form, but how will we, as a society and as individuals, view the new humans? The title of the work, the Rookienot only implies something new—perhaps a prototype—but it also implies the beginning. If this is the creature in its rookie form, what has it been designed to do? The infant creature, looking like hybrid of a human, hedgehog and tortoise, is at once grotesque and adorable.

sam silicone pigments

What kind of life would it live? My first impression of this sculpture was of a kind of tranquil sadness. To Choi, the body is a vessel through which we perceive and express ourselves, and one that provides him with an ideal medium to explore the possibilities of the human condition. Other sculptures in this Dreamers series feature lone subjects; they bear expressions of despair and sit slumped over.

As the people are labelled as dreamers, does this mean the outgrowths represents their dreams? Do our beautiful hopes and aspirations sometimes become a kind of burden? In Dreamers Greenthe figures support and comfort each other. Perhaps the burden of dreams is easier to handle if people can support one another. I wonder whether the two figures are trapped by the dream they share. If so, what will happen if they pull themselves away from each other? In his work, Ting-Tong Chang, a Taiwanese London-based artist, frequently explores ideas related to machines—what their uses may be, how they function and how they may malfunction—and identity.

This animatronic sculpture, Robinsondeals with both themes. Although the creature is human-like in appearance and is capable of a wide range of expressions, it is still just a machine—an assemblage of circuitry and gears, latex and aluminum. The creation of Robinson was inspired by humanoid automata, the mechanical devices that wowed nobility during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These were clockwork machines that looked like humans or in some instances animals and were constructed to perform a specific task, such as perform music, write or draw see the video at the end of this section for an example of a musical automaton.

Automata, which have existed since ancient times; are byproducts of our fascination with blurring the boundaries between life and machine.Tom McLaughlin's excellent silicone pigments and accesories to pigment and paint any silicone surfaces - both tin and platinum.

Vivid, silicone-safe pigments. No sulfur, no cadmium. Just about any color shade can be mixed with these pigments. All pigments are in the 'top rung' of permanence as far as 'synthetic' colors are concerned. Use 0. Thin to proper consistency with appropriate solvent.

sam silicone pigments

Silicone-Safe Pigments that also work in just about any other material. A pigment system that practically any color can be made from to color-coordinate practically any material. Silicones, Rubber SFP Silicone Finishing Powder cuts shine, provides dry slip and gives a unique finish that can make raw silicone feel more like skin than rubber.

Use SFP as a finish for silicone prosthetics Superb paint base for all silicones, latex foam, soft poly foam, canvas, fabric. Tube grams. How to match skincolors with SAM Pigments skin-tones-with-sam-colors Let us help you find your way. The list below may help you find what you are looking for via an alternative path. Show basket 0 Article My account Show saved list To checkout. Silicone Arts Materials.

Silicone Art Materials Tom McLaughlin's excellent silicone pigments and accesories to pigment and paint any silicone surfaces - both tin and platinum. Show basket To checkout Continue shopping. SAM accessories.This is an archived page on sculpt. To visit our current website, click here. For current products or to place an order, please visit our online store shop.

Great for silicone cleanup. The Compleat Sculptor " You supply the talent, we'll supply the rest! Skin-safe polymer and silica microspheres of silicone, silica, acrylic and nylon.

Helps keep silicone and rubbers clean. Can be applied to deadened, gelled or tacky silicones to remove the sheen and stickiness without significantly changing the appearance of the silicone. Apply with powder brush or puff. On raw or painted silicone and rubber, work in well with a chip brush, using a stabbing action. Remove excess with moist brush or sponge.

SAM - Silicone Art Materials

Contains no fumed silica, fragrance, pigments, fillers or parabens. If you are allergic to the ingredients do not use on skin. Comes with powder puff. Go Ahead. Call us crazy. But ever so handy to have around. Although we try to keep the most updated prices on our website, all prices are subject to change.

Use as flexible paint base for all silicones, latex foam, soft poly foam, canvas, fabric. Make flexible art, sculpture, paintings, toys, dolls, puppets, props, prototypes.

Create rubber items by direct build up in layers. No need for molds and tooling. No catalyst to weigh out. Squeeze out of tube and SAM air cures to a rubber.

sam silicone pigments

Easy to clean. Fun to touch. No expensive molds or tools needed. Clean makeup and wet oil paint from brushes.Cuts shine, provides dry slip and gives a unique finish that can make raw silicone feel more like skin than rubber. Use SFP as a finish for silicone prosthetics, appliances, special effects, dolls, puppets, animatronics, prototypes and props. Can be applied to deadened, gelled or tacky silicone and silicone rubbers to remove the sheen and stickiness without significantly changing appearance.

A little goes a long way. Unlike jagged talc and powders that are ground to size, SFP is made from skin-safe polymer and silica microspheres.

Provides a ball-bearing action enabling silicone to slide against itself and other materials with greater ease. Like a silicone hand sliding into a pocket or sleeve, clothes on a doll. A glide that remains until abraded off. Take care lighting with flash photography. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

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