Swabi district

Swabi district

Swabi, is a district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. Which still remains easily accessible though but just hidden from Plain sight. The Government interference has impacted the cannabis farming a lot already and to in a rapidly developing district, living a socially acceptable status means farmers weaning away from this cannabis as a livelihood.

Swabi has a humid-subtropical climate, while the summers are not extremely hot like north India but they are quite similar in being humid and muggy, with constant rains. November is the driest month with an average rainfall of 12 mm, while the wettest month is August, with an average mm of precipitation. June is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of The coldest month January has an average temperature of Swabi is an agricultural centre with many villages included in it, namely - Turlandi, asota, permuli and many more around the razzar tehsil which is their main agricultural belt.

These villages usually grow wheat, rice and Corn alongside limited cannabis crops mostly in remote villages, for producing Garda Hashish from domesticated Landrace varieties out of peshawar valley part of which now makes up Mardan district. Swabi has a temperate climate, that is a proper hot summers followed by a small transition period of 30 days and cold winters.

Seed Collected by Md. It's oddly similar to central and North Indian terpene profiles however with a much compact structure and a managable height. The wide internodal spacing and hollow stems resemble some of the Highland varieties from Himalayas.

Setup : Testing 11 random seeds imported from swabi district of khyber, pakistan. Remaining term completed under sun outdoors at 29 degrees north of equator, North India. Seedling stage : These plants almost put on a show during early infancy with all sorts of variegation markings and crinkled leaflets, almost every plant grew out of the distorted pattern, with 2 plants with stunted growth, due to abnormal phyllotaxy, from onset.

Only 2 plants had stunted growth which remained in that state for almost days, while one of them was easily infected by pests the 2nd stunted plant grew very fast after the dormant period and turned out to be a male plant with 3X stretch in flowering with minimal side branching. Out of 9 normal growing plants there were 7 females and 2 male plants. Out of the 6 females only 2 plants showed exceptional potential in resin production, faster flowering term, and a clearly pronounced terpene profile.

The male used to pollinate the females also showed exceptional qualities such as capitate trichomes around the fan leaf and staminate bracts, with a similar terpene profile and also completely sexually stable, however with a shorter stature but more importantly with faster flowering. Swabi heirloom makes oblong shaped pale yellowish seeds with very clear stripes on the shell, seeds can require upto weeks for maturity.

The fast flowering expression comes with below average bract yields however copious amounts of very sticky resin, that closely resembles the Highland Hash plant like resin quality in texture, smaller trichomes but abundant and very sticky.

The smoke induces a very balanced and generally associated with long flowering narrow leaf variety kind of uplifting High, which stays over for an amazingly long duration.

The Onset of High is almost immediate and then it gradually shapes up. This plant from morphology to effects reminds a lot about Himalayan Hash plant varieties from a hollow stalk to raw mango and pepper like flavour. From what's commonly learnt about the regions near punjab, That Wilder types cross pollinate the imported farmed varieties often in places like Swabi KPKbut unlike many other parts in India, the farmers here understand the importance of maintaining the desirable heirloom expression to save it from degradation overtime.

The remaining females were excluded because of considerably longer flowering term. CLIMATE : Swabi has a humid-subtropical climate, while the summers are not extremely hot like north India but they are quite similar in being humid and muggy, with constant rains.

Runt male progress Out of the 6 females only 2 plants showed exceptional potential in resin production, faster flowering term, and a clearly pronounced terpene profile. Summary The fast flowering expression comes with below average bract yields however copious amounts of very sticky resin, that closely resembles the Highland Hash plant like resin quality in texture, smaller trichomes but abundant and very sticky.Local police cordoned off coronavirus infected areas in Murghuz and Zaida towns of Swabi district and urged the people to stay at their homes.

Public transport has been suspended from all sides to these areas while directives were issued for evacuation of sick and vulnerable people from homes. Police personnel on duty have been granted coronavirus protective suits. Copyright Business Recorder, The cut The rising number of infected cases and death toll is resounding alarm bells for the global economy. Almost all sectors ranging from aviation tourism, hospitality, It will be difficult to definitively tell how any industry would fare post-coronavirus because we do not know when the spread of the coroanarvirus will Petroleum sales numbers for March read a grim picture.

On month-on-month basis, it surprisingly showed more resilience than was expected. It is highly likely that Tahira Raza is a well-known Karachi-based philanthropist, focused on gender empowerment.

Get regular updates from Business Recorder directly on your device. Subscribing is the best way to get our best stories immediately. Search ePaper BR Markets. Share this Facebook Twitter Whatsapp. Pakistan Print. KP government announces over medical jobs in tribal districts. BR Research. Yields tank in treasury market Market is expecting another bps rate cut in next months based on the participation in the T-Bills auction earlier this week. Did the government forget the retail sector?

Cement during COVID It will be difficult to definitively tell how any industry would fare post-coronavirus because we do not know when the spread of the coroanarvirus will Petroleum revenues to dry Petroleum sales numbers for March read a grim picture.

Swabi District

Buying Rs Euro 1. Seng 24, Four civilians including teenager injured in unprovoked firing by Indian forces along LoC. Rising trend. Updated at am Pst.The total area of the District is 1, square Kilometres and its population is 1, as per Census of which makes it the 4th most populous district of KPK. Pushto is the main speaking language of the district, however Hindko is also spoken in few villages i. Jehangira, Tordher, Manki and Jangidher etc. Yousafzai is the dominating tribe of the District whose ancestors came from Ghowra Marghai, the place is somewhere in Western Afghanistan.

Yousafzai generally have robust built stature with fair complexion. They are well known for their hospitality. The entire area is fertile and produces good crops. The district is quite rich in natural resources.

Marble, sandstone, gravel are available in large quantity. Read more The folk love story of Yousaf Khan and Sherbano. A list of all the villages and map of District Swabi. Here is a glimpse of the beauty of District Swabi. Welcome To Swabi. Support us, please click bellow. Yousaf Khan Sherbano. Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed. Swabi Gallery. This site was designed with the.It lies between the Indus and Kabul Rivers. Before becoming a district init was a tehsil within Mardan District. The population of Swabi district, according to the census, is 1, Swabi District is now home to many excellent educational institutes.

But there was no public sector university till The only degree awarding institution then was private sector Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technologywhich was inaugurated in Swabi district also has a public sector medical college Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi[10] which was established in Swabi District is currently subdivided into 4 Tehsils.

Currently there are couple of newspaper publishing in Swabi under the supervision of Swabi Group of Newspapers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

swabi district

District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Location of Swabi District highlighted in red within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 29 November Retrieved 24 November GIK Institute.

Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 4 December The Express Tribune. The Nation.

Village Shah Mansoor of District Swabi شامنصور کلے

Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Provincial capital: Peshawar.A notification, issued by home and tribal affairs department on Thursday, said that a fact-finding committee on the directives of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan was formed to hold probe into the killing of vaccinators in the limits of Parmoli union council in Swabi.

The special secretary of home department, Islam Zeb, DIG Kashif Alam of police department and Sharif Hussain, the additional secretary of home department, are members of the committee. The panel has been tasked to identify security lapse during the incident and also propose suitable action to avoid such mishaps in future.

On Wednesday, two lady health workers were shot dead by unidentified motorcyclists in Swabi district.

swabi district

Meanwhile, the coordinator of National Emergency Operations Centre for Polio, Dr Rana Muhammad Safdar, who visited the place where incident took place in Swabi, reviewed the situation with regard to the ongoing drive. He said that campaign was postponed in few selected union councils after the incident. He said that was been further mounted to provide safe environment to the vaccinators and safeguard children against disabilities.

Dr Safdar said that documentation for awarding Shuhada Package to the two killed lady workers was in progress. On the other hand, lady health workers put forward their demands and sought adequate security mechanism and financial assistance for the families of the two killed vaccinators. The slain vaccinators were laid to rest at their ancestral graveyard and the funeral was attended by officials of the district administration and health department, politicians and local people in a large number.

Officials said that Deputy Commissioner Shahid Mahmood, health officials and district police officials were engaged in consultation to adopt a new line of action to achieve the desired objectives and continued the campaign. They vowed to continue the campaign and assured the campaigners of all possible help, especially security. A detailed presentation was given to the IGP about the security of the campaigners, normal, sensitive and most sensitive regions in the district and the previous operations conducted against terrorists in Razaar tehsil.

DPO Imran said that there were 1, polio teams and every team would be guarded. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the campaign, about security personnel have been deployed from Hazara division to Swabi to perform duty during the drive. The DPO said that operations against militants had been conducted since to and Parmuli region had been declared peaceful.

The district health officer, Mohammad Tariq told the meeting that he had demanded complete security for the campaigners. The LHWs said that for three days they would mourn the death of their colleagues. They also asked the government to provide job to one person from each victim family and arrest the killers. They said that the campaign should be held once a month. In a statement, police said that special control and monitoring rooms were established to provide security to the field staff.

The statement said police were being assisted by intelligence agencies and army. Meanwhile, Kohat deputy commissioner while chairing an assessment meeting of the ongoing polio vaccination drive said that no hurdle should come in the way of vaccination of the children and all the targets should be achieved. Govt panel to probe murder of polio vaccinators in Swabi district Dawn Report Updated January 31, Facebook Count.

Swabi District

Twitter Share. The committee has been told to submit its report within three days. In Kohat, security measures were taken for the foolproof safety of polio teams. Published in Dawn, January 31st, Related Stories. Polio Virus. Read more.

Swabi district: Coronavirus infected areas cordoned off

On DawnNews.It lies between the Indus and Kabul Rivers. The residents are referred to as Swabva'l. The Mandanr Yusufzai subsection of the Yousafzai clan of the Pashtuns form a majority of the population.

Swabi is the district capital. Tordher is the second leading trading city, after Swabi. Tordher has a population of nearly 50, 18 primary schools and three high schools. Tobacco is a cash crop of Swabi, along with vegetableswheatsugar cane and maize. Its climate is well suited for citrus fruits in particular, but many other fruits like watermelonpeaches and apricots are also grown there. A six lane motorway connecting Islamabad with Peshawar passes through Swabi District, with an access interchange at the village of Ambaar.

Once part of the Gandhara civilization, Swabi contains many important archaeological sites, which are tourist attractions. Hund is an archaeological treasure; it was the capital of the Hindu Shahi for nearly three hundred years. Rani Ghat is another Gandhara archaeological site, containing the ruins of a famous palace belonging to the queen of that era. She was famous for paying Swabi villagers for clean air—they were not allowed to pollute it by winnowing their crops.

The ruins on the top of a mountain still attract visitors. As a part of the origin of the Buddhist Gandhara civilisation, it has also garnered re-construction funds from Japanese research institutes. With the help of this money, the local non-governmental organization Shewa Educated Social Workers Association built a walkway to the historical sites, as well as fences to protect the area.

It also built a rest house on Baga Mountain. This area attracts many tourists, including Japanese who come here to learn about Buddhism in ancient times. Aurel Stein recorded in his survey of the Mahaban range "it remains for me to explain the opinion to which I have been led as regards the character and identity of this remarkable site.

The nature of the ruins described and the remains they have furnished, makes it clear beyond all doubt; that they mark the position of a Buddhist sanctuary possessed of shrines and monastic establishments.Its residents are referred to as "Swabiwaals". Swabi is the fourth most populous district of the NWFP. The " Yousafzai " clan of " Pukhtoons " are the district's predominant clan. Overview The history and culture of Swabi is very rich. The late historian Roshan Khan Baba from this region wrote about the history of this great tribe in his book 'History of the Yousafzai Tribe'.

A drive to Swabi from Jehangira or Mardan is scenic and a beautiful experience.

swabi district

Lush green fields and shady trees line the road on either side. Many "Swabiwaals" are liberal in their outlook yet devout Muslim s. They are well known for their hospitality. Tobacco is a popular cash crop of Swabi along with vegetableswheatsugar cane and maize. Its climate is ideally suited for citrus in particular while many other fruits like watermelonpeaches and apricots are also grown there.

Swabi is also rich with mineral resources founded in the Maneri village and its white marble is very popular throughout the country.

Swabi is home to the largest earth filled dam of the world, the Tarbela Dam. A six lane motorway connecting Islamabad with Peshawar passes through Swabi District with an access interchange at Ambaar. Archaeological Sites Swabi contains many important archaeological sites, it was part of the Gandhara civilization. Alexander the Great crossed river Indus where the village of Hund now lies on its right bank.

Hund is an archaeological treasure and been the capital of the Hindu and Turk Shahi for nearly three hundred years. Archaeological sites are found peppered all over Swabi and they are great tourist attractions. Rani Ghat is the famous historical palace on the top of mountain used by the that time Rani queen. She was famous for buying the fresh air coming from Swabi side.

She paid to the villagers for clean air -- they were not allowed to pollute it by blowing the crops in the air for cleaning purpose. The ruins are still a famous place for visitors. Being as a part of origin of Buddhist Gandhara Civilisation it has also attracted re-construction funds from Japanese research institutes.

It also built a mountain resthouse on Baga mountain which a popular tourist site. This area attracted many tourists including Japanese, who came here for studies in the ancient times to learn Buddhism.

Similarly the ruins of Darsan are also present. Although enough Archaeological work has not been done on this area and needs attention from the Archaeologists. Molana abdul qadir was a great scholar resident of village pabaini the founder of pushto accadmy and pushto department,the 1st pushto dictionary was written by him. People Partition Before partition, Hindus also lived here and most of the businesses were owned by them, both Muslims and Hindus lived peacefully.

Majority of Hindu population was present in Bamkhel and Naranji village before partition. After partition, the vast majority of Hindus left for India. People from swabi are from the Yousafzai tribe,also known as Yousafzai-Afghan. Whose origin is from Kandahar. After Partition Today almost the whole population is Pakhtun of the Yousafzai tribe, however even today Hindus and Sikhs are found in some areas of Swabi.

Archaeologically, Lahor was the original Lahor and the Lahore city of Panjab was raised after this one. Hund was called Hind and Lahor was the capital of Hind. The museum of Peshawar is decorated with the historical utensils and ornaments of Lahor.

An historical place in Swabi District is Haryan, named after the Arians civilisation. Haryan is located 3km from the main Swabi-Jahangira road from Lahor Tehsil and on the bank of river Indus.


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